*When you open your LawToolBox Add-in in Outlook, you will see a new “pin” in the upper right-hand corner of our add-in. This is a brand-new feature that we are one of the first companies to incorporate that allows users to pin open the LawToolBox add-in then navigate between emails without having to close and re-open the add-in saving you oodles of time!

*admin switches for document folders, shared inbox, OneNote, calendar, and custom path for doc folders to modern team site

*tab > updated waffle menu, added people icon to retrieve relevant users, added firm contacts to create central location for firm contacts, added ability to attach firm contact(s) to any matter, upgraded report filter to be able retrieve large amounts of data over many years

 *companion phone and tablet app available at 

  *pending: incorporate isprivate and canaccessadminportal switches into bot, optimize edit deadline function to speed up processing

#Updated manage channel page so that LTB support could view more info on channel including default vertical, default pay type, Microsoft default group settings, and whether the channel can login to the webapp.

#Reworked new firm sign up flow to reflect the default vertical, default paytype, and Microsoft default group settings, and whether the channel can login to the webapp. In addition, we audited quick signup and app signup flows, and upgraded css for better UI.

#Optimized new firm signup page for mobile phone

#Upgraded code to set hidden defaults so it would work in both plaintiff and defendant scenarios, instead of setting defaults for those scenarios separately.

#Updated hover over messages around website, including for links on deadline chart for better UX.

#Added new function so that and user designated in webapp as expert or admin can append notes to a deadline that apply across every matter set up in that rule-set for that firm (e.g., deadline chart, downloadable rtf, SP, XML, API, eTickle, calendar service).

#Audited every miscellaneous and time-bound appointment to check to make sure properly configured.