If you are getting undeliverable messages when calendaring deadline in LawToolBox follow these steps.

1. Try to send an email to the Office 365 group outside of LawToolBox.

    a. To do this click on the case in LawToolBox > Action Menu > Matter Dashboard > Group Name

This will open you Outlook and populate the group name in the to field. Send a test message and see if you get an undeliverables message

If you receive the undeliverable message, Security setting in your Office 365 tenant are preventing you from sending to this email address. Here are some tips.

  •  Check to see if you have any 3rd party email security software such as Mimecast. Reach out to them to troubleshoot why you are unable to send email to these office 365 groups.

  •  Make sure the group exists and is active in the Office 365 tenant.

  • Check and see if you are able to send message to any of your Office 365 group

Follow these steps should help narrow down the issue to solving being able to send to these O365 groups.