LawToolBox deadlines (all-day events) filter to an LTB Deadlines folder and never hit the inbox.

* If you don't have this set up, see related article: Outlook rules for O365

If you wish to also move time of day events to the LTB Deadlines folder, follow the steps below to create an additional filter.

In Your Outlook Click on File > Manage Rules and Alerts

Click new rule.


Apply rule on messages I receive.



Select Uses the Form Name


Click on from name below.

From the top drop down select application forms and make sure the show categories check mark box is checked.


Select meeting Cancellation and Meeting requests from the forms then close.



Then also Click on the option with Specific words in the subject or body. Click on specific words under Step 2.

Then enter the phrase LTB-timebound-appointment and click add

Click Next and then select the option for Move to a specific folder.

Click on Specific folder and select you LawToolBox folder to move the email into.

Once this is done click finish and all LawToolBox time of day appointments will move to your LawToolBox folder.