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FAQ - Choosing which Google Calendar(s) to sync LawToolBox Deadlines to


OPTION 1: Using an existing shared Google Calendar (estimated time to complete - 10 minutes)


1. Make sure the shared calendar is a primary google calendar for that mailbox. To check this, share out the calendar to another user and find out when adding the calendar if it is just an email address (ABC@Domain.com) Or if the URL to share the calendar is ends in @group.calendar.google.com. If the Calendar URL ends in @group.calendar.google.com this is not the primary in google and will need to be converted.


     (a) If the calendar ends in @gmail or @domainname the email address can be used to send deadlines in LawToolBox

2. If your shared calendar is an additional calendar created in a Google Mailbox and that calendar has been shared to various firm members, Follow these steps to convert this calendar to a primary calendar with a mailbox.

    (a) Log into the account that the calendar is shared from in google. 

    (b) Find the shared calendar that you want to convert and export the shared Calendar. Click Here for Instructions.

    (c) create a new Gmail account (EX. firmcalendar@abclaw.com

    (d) Import the old shared calendar to to newly created email address's primary calendar. Click Here for Instructions.

    (e) Share the new calendar to all users who need to see it in the firm. Click Here for Instructions.



OPTION 2: Share out the Google Calendar for the paralegal or legal assistant

1. Choose the persons calendar who you would like to use and the new Firm Calendar.

2. Log into gmail.com with that users credentials.

3. Share the calendar to all users in the firm who need the calendar. Click Here for Instructions.

Also see https://www.lawtoolbox.com/google-ical-lotus-notes/