This article goes over how to ask your end users to import Outlook rules into their Outlook.


Outlook will let you export Outlook rules which can then be imported into a users Outlook. 

Please follow these steps below to create an outlook rule (read related article). 

The Outlook assumes IT has pre-created (possibly through PowerShell) a subfolder to the Outlook Inbox called “LTB Deadlines”.  Technically firms can chose to adjust the Outlook rule by moving emails to a pre-existing folder (e.g., deleted items, however once deleted items is emptied, end user loses easy access to when an event was added or removed from their calendar.)

Once the Outlook rule has been created you can export the rule following these steps.


Open Outlook > File > Manage Rules & Alerts > Options > Export rules > save Rule to your desktop and attach to the “Sample email to attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants”.


Once you have the file you can then go into a users Outlook and select  File > Manage Rules & Alerts > Options > Import rules > Choose the location where the file is saved. This will then apply the rule to that users Outlook.




For the rule that is being created, Make sure that all users have that folder named in the same location and exist in Outlook (Ex LTB Deadlines folder must exist for all users and be spelt the same or the rule will not work.) You can also pick a folder that exists on all computers such as the deleted folder but then you will not have a history of all emails.



**Edit and attach Outlook rule to Sample message and send to to attorneys, paralegals and legal assistant


Subject:  Click on attached and Email the Internal Expert Managing LawToolBox when done (do this on or before training)



LawToolBox requires Outlook rules created and running on each users Outlook to ensure attorneys and staff never see a LawToolBox calendar invite for a deadline in their Outlook on their computer, and also do not see invites on their iPhones or androids when deadlines are updating.  Note, attorneys and staff will see invited to events generated by Lawtoolbox (such as depo’s) and if they do not click “I accept” the will still see the event on their calendar.


Please ensure every member of you team follows these steps to properly setup out Outlook rules.


1. Saves the attachment to your desktop.


2. Go to Outlook Inbox >  File > Manage Rules & Alerts > Options > Import rules > Choose the location where the file is saved. This will then apply the rule to your Outlook.

 3. Confirm this has been done with an email to your LawToolBox expert (Name ____, Email ______) on or before your training session.