Login into admin.lawtoolbox.com.

Click Firm > Profile.

On the right hand side you will see your license count and the button to purchase more LawToolBox licenses. 

Click the button to purchase more LawToolBox licenses and update you license count and save.

Once this is done click the license sync button and wait a few minutes.

You should not be able to follow the steps below and add a new user.


Make sure to add outlook rules and calendar filter to inbox BEFORE sharing any cases

Link to FAQ Outlook Rules & Calendar Filters

How to add a new user:

  1. admin.lawtoolbox.com > users > add user manually
  2. admin.lawtoolbox.com > users > search and add user (UPN)
  3. Manage user permissions and toggles (email reminders, admin rights, etc.)
  4. Deploy the add-in, add outlook rules, reach out to support@lawtoolbox.com for the latest welcome packet

How to add a new user:

Navigate to admin.lawtoolbox.com

+ Add User


Add User Manually > Enter user info:

*if your firm uses a UPN use the "search & add user" instead


User Preferences & Permissions

Turn on the "eTickle" for the 7 day email reminders

Turn on "Can Manage Admin Portal"  if applicable

Click on user name to manage permissions. 

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