1. Importing Matters with Shared Users + Events and Deadlines imports for firms with shared users that reside a different time zones).  
    1. Law firms will benefit from having seamless reporting at firm, attorney and paralegal level.  
    2. For firms that were seeing their deadlines in both their outlook calendar and their previous docketing calendar, the will “not” click sync on the deadlines that were sync’d to outlook from their previous system (in the correct timezone). They will see these deadlines as “black” on their deadline charts in Lawtoolbox.  
    3. They will use Lawtoolbox as the engine to add deadlines to users outlook calendars on a going forward basis and will see that these deadlines are green in Lawtoolbox deadline charts
    4. For firms with shared users that reside a different time zones, all users will see LawToolBox deadlines sync’d to the correct time zone for each user involved on that case.   For example, a paralegal docketing from Central timezone for a user on a case that lives in Eastern Timezone will need to remember that LawToolBox does not prompt for which timezone currently but instead adds the events based on that user’s outlook calendar timezone setting. 
    5. How lawtoolbox event import works
  1. If the import file is not confirmed to main office timezone then, all users view start times for events will see times as though they were in the same timezone as the main office (eg the time will display incorrectly.
  2. Deadlines in Outlook will appear in the correct timezone
  3. How to conform the import file for timezone
        1. Law firm or consultant should adjust start and end times to reflect the main office timezone
        2. Example
          1. 100 person law firm has 25% of their users in each timezone (ET, CT, MT, PT) and their main office and the timezone for the control user in Lawtoolbox (we call this the firm admin) is in ET Timezone then
          2. Identify any responsible attorneys that are not in the main office timezone and adjust the timezones for the events related to the matters for which the responsible attorneys are outside the main office timezone and add or subtract 1 to 3 hours create a file that displays all events in the main office timezone. 
        3. Assumptions
          1. LawToolBox matter import file does not have a timezone for a matter 
          2. Timeszones are captured in each event in the matter import file
          3. Responsible attorneys should be the determining timezone for events associated with a matter.