Here is how to manage contacts in mattes in LawToolBox:

  • Within a matter from an email or search database
  • Within contacts through the waffle menu (see related article FAQ - Adding a contact to LawToolBox)
  • Within admin portal to add new, see all associated matters, tags and more 


In a matter 

Using the outlook add-in, click on the matter name that you would like to add contact to.

Open the action menu > Manage Contacts

You can save any contact info from an email you are viewing inbound or sent 

Just click on + from Email

This reads the email cc and you can add to matter, assign tags and add notes




In a contacts

This allows you to add contacts to LawToolBox without adding it to a specific matter 

Go to contacts under menu to add new entry:

You can add it from the LawToolBox Menu under contacts 


Click on + Add from Outlook


Then + Manually Add (if adding a contact from scratch)



In admin portal

*Must have admin portal access


Add new or manage


TIP: import contacts to LawToolBox from your admin portal

TIP: Manage Matter Contacts


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