Central Docketing User and Practice Calendar Users  

As part of a LawToolBox implementation, a Central Calendar configuration is a required step.

Firms are asked to select an existing Office 365 mailbox, or create a new one, to use as a central docketing user.

Central Docketing User Requirements: 

  1. E1 M365 mailbox license (Enterprise 1 *Not Exchange Online) 
    • the license type must supports being a member of an Office 365 Group
    • Must be an unattended mailbox (will receive every deadline on the calendar)
    • Name the mailbox e.g. Central Docketing User centraldocketing@abclaw.com
  2. LawToolBox license
    • This will be an admin user to access admin.lawtoolbox.com
    • Will have access to every matter created in LawToolBox 

Central Docketing User purpose:

  1. Will be auto added to every matter as an owner/member of M365 group
  2. Used for running firm wide reports & have every single deadline added to the calendar
  3. Will be used to assign cases to new users or remove cases from departing users
  4. Access point to LawToolBox for IT and admin users
  5. If a user is out of office for an extended time, the Central Docketing User has access to matters to maintain deadlines, or temporarily reassign matters to new users 


  1. Also, if there is a particular practice group that works together on cases firms can create a central docketing user for a sub-group (e.g., a mailbox called “Construction Team” with the email address constructionteam@abclaw.com
  2. Firms with one or more people that manage docketing centrally can add and edit deadlines for everybody within the department or group (without receiving deadlines for those cases on their personal outlook calendars). 
  3. The central docketing user is also a handy account when a staff person who is covering for someone on vacation and needs to be able to update deadlines for cases that that are not shared to them.  
  4. Users with access to central docketing user can right click on Chrome in their tray and open a browser window in incognito (or right click on Edge and open in InPrivate) and go to app.lawtoolbox.com to manage deadlines or cases for any matter