This article will walk you through removing a departed user from LawToolBox. Only users with 0 active matters can be deleted.

Removing a user:

1) Does this user have 0 cases? 

2) Does this user have active cases? 

  • Reassign cases as needed FAQ - Matter sharing report 
  • Confirm with your M365 admin (IT) this user is active and licensed in M365 Exchange O
  • Confirm with your M365 admin (IT) that mail forwarding is turned off (temporarily)
  • Sign in to admin portal using the central docketing account and click "Manage Matters" to remove user from active cases

Note: In order to manage matters for a user, you should have access to your firm's Central Docketing User credentials, or be shared on every case.

Need to add a new user?

FAQ How to Add a New User In LawToolBox 



Check to see if you can delete the user:

Navigate to >  Users > select your user (ellipsis) > Delete

Is the user ready to be deleted?

Verify there are 0 cases:
"Delete" & Confirm

If any active matters:
Follow the steps listed in the pop-up


How to Reassign Cases & Remove a Departed User:

Step 1: Case coverage

- Run a report for firm records FAQ - Matter sharing report (Recommended)

- Reassign cases to another team member (Recommended)

  • one at a time in via "Share Matter"
  • or with your *Central Docketing User (see below)

Step 2: Unshare cases

- Sign in as Central Docketing User in 

- Go to > Matter > Manage Matter

Note: If you sign in as yourself, you will be temporarily added to the case and then removed. This may prompt unwanted notifications

Top right corner "Select User:" select the departed user in the dropdown

Select all matters in the checkbox, click "Unshare" at the top left corner

Note: View items per page as 10, and refresh after unsharing

Confirm unshare: 

Refresh the page and confirm the user in the top right corner as the departed user

When the matter list is blank "Found 0 records" proceed to delete the user.


Delete a User:

Go to Users > Click on the ellipsis (...) > delete