WebApp Portal:

To add a new user to LawToolBox Web App Instant Sync follow the below steps

    - Master Support User > Log in to Web App > Select *Firm Admin

    - Click on Admin (Blue Navigation Menu) > Firm > Add Master Support or Attorney 

   - before sharing cases, please add outlook rules to inbox



To Add a Master Support user:

    1. Log in as Firm Admin

2. Admin > Firm > Add your user

3. Add Master Support

Calendar Synchronization OFF (Instant Sync = Sync Off)

*Turn sync on only if using 3rd party sync software

4. Add Support - Enter only:

- email address as User ID

- temporary password (user will set their own)

- full name

- Initials

- Address (auto filled)

5. User Preferences - leave as default

Set email address to send deadlines, reminders & reports

Sync off & continue

6. Select all users they need access too

If master user, select all

To Add a Attorney  user:

all as above