Q: How does LawToolBox check for rules updates?

A: LawToolBox monitors the source authority daily for any modifications and updates the published rulesets for all LawToolBox users. We monitor our rules daily and constantly monitor any substantial changes that go into effect.

Q: How does LawToolbox keep rules up to date for me to use?

A: LawToolBox is a cloud based system so anytime our rules are being updated, the users will see those changes immediately. There are no downloads or software updates required in order to keep the rules of authority current.

Q: Who manages the LawToolBox rules?

A: LawToolBox has a team of attorneys and paralegals on staff who research, write and update all of the published rules in our system. Our rules go through a thorough auditing process before they are published to our clients, taking into account holidays, rule changes and local rules that govern the deadlines.

Q: What if we have a unique practice?

A: Contact your LawToolBox representative to learn more about the rules we have available. We have a number or rulesets that are not broadly published 

Q: What if I have multiple parties on one case and need to track multiple discovery or motion deadlines?

A: LawToolBox has a unique feature called repeat calculators. These events can happen multiple times in a life of a case for multiple parties, timelines and extensions. These reusable calculators generate their own set of deadlines that are customized by you! All repeat calculators are marked with a ** in our trigger dates pull down lists.

Q: What if I have a specific ruleset or deadlines question?

A: If there is a specific deadline or ruleset that you are looking for, please contact our support team at support@lawtoolbox.com so they can guide you to the correct trigger date or deadline. 

If you have any feedback or deadline suggestions please let us know the State and Jurisdiction you are looking for and the trigger dates and deadlines you have questions on.