In LawToolBox  admin portal you have the ability to edit individual user's permissions to restrict  access certain to specific features in LawToolBox.

1. Sign into (You must have LawToolBox admin rights to access this site. If you do not please reach out to you LawToolBox admins or experts)

2. Click on the "Users" tab

3. For each user, click on the users name to bring up the action menu.4. You have the ability for each user to set permission depending on each user and what features they should be able to access.



1. When importing users into LawToolBox, we don't yet offer the ability for permissions to be set for view only access and/or restricting the ability to create matters. Our new import file will soon include this feature.

2. Viewing user permissions is currently visible one user at a time, LawToolBox is preparing a user permissions report soon that will allow admins to see report summarizing permissions.