Below article explains the different roles of users who have access to LawToolBox as a licensed user.

Required Users:

  • Central Docketing User
  • LawToolBox Admins
  • LawToolBox Expert
  • Attorney Users - Passive End Users

Additional Users:

  • Docketing End User Expert
  • Docketing Clerk User / Practice Calendar
  • Managing Partner - Passive End Users



*This is not a person, but a standaolone account designated for LawToolBox

**See related article

LawToolBox accounts are required to have a firm wide Central Docketing that is set to auto share to all matters.  A designated email account will have access to to mange firm wide matters and users. This account's credentials will be given to IT staff and main admin users. Additional practice calendars can be added, but not required.



*Experts can be admin users 

**Admins can be independent users and do not need to use LawToolBox daily

*** See Admin User FAQ knowledge base

LawToolBox Admins have the ability to to go to to mange firm and user settings. 

A few of the things that LawToolBox admins can do are:

1. Add Users (related article)

2. Remove Users (related article)

3. Manage User permissions (related article)

4. Manage Firm Settings

5. Manage Matters



*Experts attend all sessions with LawToolBox

**Experts help coordinate training and onboarding new users
***See End User FAQ knowledge base

LawToolBox Experts have full access to, outlook or Teams add-in to mange matters, calendar deadlines, run reports and use any of the LawToolBox features daily.

LawToolBox Experts are designated prior to roll-out and are the hands on LawToolBox users responsible for organizing and scheduling onboarding training sessions, coordinating the adding & training of new users. Experts are the first point of contact for end user questions/issues, train a replacement expert when one departs.

  1. Every account is asked to assign a 2 or more experts per departments. 
  2. Experts are project leads and will work with IT and leadership to steer the implementation timeline and internal business processes
  3. Experts and admins attend all LawToolBox training sessions
  4. Experts help identify unique workflows, naming conventions etc. for LawToolBox and relay internally the use of LawToolBox
  5. Experts are a designated internal resource to train new users and help set Outlook rules, calendar filters and enabling the add-in, as well as training new users on LawToolBox
  6. If an expert leaves and does not have a trained replacement, LawToolBox can schedule additional training for a fee



*End users are active users who have full permissions

LawToolBox End Users have access to, outlook or Teams add-in to mange matters, calendar deadlines, run reports and use any of the LawToolBox features in a daily workflows. 

These users understand full functionality of LawToolBox and are responsible for training new users and answering questions on LawToolBox internally. If a Docketing expert is unable to answer specific questions, they can reach out to LawToolBox for support.



*active users who have full permissions

** See related article on how to configure a docketing expert

Docketing clerks have a separate account (different from personal work email) to access LawToolBox.

These users calendar on behalf of a specific office or practice group, but may not actively work on cases.

Docketing clerks only add events to their personal work calendar on a small number of cases that they are personally involved in.



*anyone who is added in

**See related article how to restrict user permissions

LawToolBox Users can be shared on a matter in LawToolBox in order to receive deadlines on the calendar. A user has access to the add-in and to see dashboard, matters, receive deadlines and reminders and receive reports and use any of the LawToolBox features. 

Passive users can be attorneys who never log into LawToolBox, but receive deadlines on their calendars, receive reminders and reports for their cases.



*A secondary account for a managing partner

**See related article on how to manage this account

LawToolBox Managing partner account is similar to a practice group calendar, where all cases are shared to this user and is a secondary account for a managing partner primarily used for reports.

Only important cases will be shared to the managing partner personal work email to receive the deadlines for a handful of important cases.