Deploying LawToolBox from 

Add-in Deployment with “Integrated Apps” or "Add-ins" in M365 Admin Center

A Microsoft 365 Global Admin can deploy LawToolBox app centrally to everyone or a designated security group.  

An M365 Global Admin logs into or click on this link

M365 Admin Center >  Settings > Add-ins / Integrated Apps

- You will see LawToolBox if the licenses have already been purchased
- Or search to add form app source under "Get Apps"

1. Click on LawToolBox “Get It Now"

2. Users tab > Select Deployment Scope (All, Selected Users, Test) > Update

3. Overview Tab > Select Outlook & Teams > Deploy


Global Admin to Grant Application permissions

1. Application Persmissions

2. Enterprise Permissions




1. Government Community Cloud may take 12-48 hours to provision.

2. If your firm has not done so already, see Microsoft Info below on how to consider deploying a PowerShell that can hide groups/teams from GAL (Global Address Library). This will prevent users from seeing matter names when they are looking up email addresses in contacts/emails.

Hide Microsoft 365 Groups from the global address list

3. If the application does not show in the Microsoft Admin Portal, please check permissions for your organization for 3rd party apps and select LawToolBox as an allowed application