The purpose of this article is for granting mailbox permissions for the Central Docketing user. 

This will allow the user to access LawToolBox as the central docketing user using you own email address and removes the need to share a central password with everyone.

1. Having your Office 365 Global admin go to

2. Click on the User > Active user.

3. Select the users mailbox who you would like others to have access to.

4. Click on the mail tab then under mail box permissions select read and manage

5. Type in the email address of the users who should have access to this mailbox. (Please note it can take up to 60 minutes for these permissions to take effect.

6. In Outlook Desktop you will now see the users mail box added underneath your email address on the left hand side and will have access to all of the users emails. 

7. In OWA you can click on your initals in the top left hand corner and click open another mailbox and type in the email address of the user to then see and manage their mail box.

8. Lastly make sure that LawToolBox has been added to the mailbox that you are trying to view. Reach out to your I.T. to make sure this is