Whats New

APRIL 2024

Release: 04/10/2024

App Release:

Rooms checkbox and warning text related to it for appointment

'Hold' label for deadlines

Timer loader issue resolved

Toaster message in deadline chart for send report to onenote 

Waffle icon Files UI issue

Application level caching implementation

Release: 04/02/2024


App Release:
External Attendee cancellation email while removing user from matter
Modified deadline report same as date range report and all user dropdown enable

Microsoft Teams AI fixes related to Browse URL and Prompt 

Save Email bug fix


Admin Release:

AI fix for SharePoint document


MARCH 2024

Release: 03/25/2024


App Release:
External Attendee bug fix

Recurrence 45 days added to recurring appointment

[New]Appt start time duration changed to 30min instead of 5mins
[New] Timezone Implementation for Appointments. To counter cache issue, we are making it default to Select Timezone, after user clears the cache, they would see its set to Firm Admin timezone.

Help: Add appointment time zone defaults (new feature)

[New]Share matter screen bring back the + Calculate button in the top right corner
[New]New matter/ Edit Matter - Client Name character limitation

[UI] Button alignment in no activity report
[UI] Optimizing graph call on matter list page load 



Release: 09/13/2023

App Release: 

  1. Solved 500 error in edit select item of hearing note 
  2. Instant changes upon edit hearing note 
  3. Hide the Task icon in the login page
  4. Word App (limited the graph call to top 50)



Release: 08/11/2023


  1. [UI] Close button and content alignment Matter Action menu
  2. Download page layout for deadline chart word doc -> default page layout to letter (8.5"x11")type
  3. Notification message -> "Check the bell icon to see new notifications." notification message added
  4. Tag column in downloaded Excel of No Activity Report
  5. Auto reload of deadline chart for Sync Task
  6. Fetch all Client ID in an advanced search of NetDocuments
  7. Download all and select in Date Range Report
  8. Timeout issue fix for the date range report download (tried for 500 deadlines and it worked)
  9. Implementation of email, word and excel feature in Task report 


Admin portal:  

  • Email reminder on when adding or importing users
  • URL removed from Firm profile
  • Option to select all contacts with a checkbox and delete in Manage Contacts & Tags
  • Adding multiple user error fixes from "Search & Add User"

View and Edit Deadline UI 

  • Sync/unsync status bar size
  • Unsynced to "not synced"
  • Header & deadline status changed from center to left
  • Data table UI changes
  • Filter loader
  • Bold date only (not description)
  • FollowUp deadline links not shown in deadline chart issue fixed 

Reports UI updates 

  • Filter loader added in Date Range Report
  • Loader added upon user change in Case Sharing & Matter Archive Report


  • Added support fetched from app to admin


Audit User calendar

  • Pagination same as other reports is added


Matter Archive Report 

  • Extra pagination due to 10 items per page is removed
  • Pagination alignment from right to left side


Customize deadline 

  • Improved UI for active deadlines
  • Popup window consistency is maintained in "Hidden Deadline" & "Rule Set Hidden Default"
  • "No information found" message added in "Rule Set Hidden Default" popup window
  • The popup window flicker of the hidden deadline was solved
  • Bold date only (not description)



JULY 2023

Release Notes: 07/28/2023


  1. Report Checkbox
  2. Download Word Report with the long description
  3. No activity report filtered download and bug fixes
  4. Continued Label in Appointment
  5. Virtual Meeting Timezone issue fix
  6. Matter calendar issue fix


Admin Portal:

  1. Notification improvements
  2. Audit sharing for every matter in "manage matters"  
  3. Add user button color change to green in user import


JUNE 2023

Release Notes: 06/30/2023

App :

  1. [New] Notification system in LTB 365

Release: 6/13/2023


  1. Added Audit field in query for the firm
  2. Netdocs iframe improvements

Release: 06/02/2023


  1. [New] MS Planner integration
  2. Meeting time zone update for virtual hearing meeting.
  3. Resync the deadlines for only new attendees to get event update information.

Admin Portal:

  1. Deadline filter as like in WebApp
  2. SharePoint site URL in firm profile
  3. Plugin error update
  4. [New] Planner Settings in firm settings
  5. [New] Task of login user in matter sidebar
  6. [New] Task reports
  7. Virtual Meeting report in Date Range report


MAY 2023

Release: 05/26/2023


  1. [New] Save ParentTriggerId when the deadline is converted
  2. [New] Filtering to show all deadlines associated with Triggerdate
  3. [Fix] UI fixes

Release: 05/05/2023


  1. [New] Matter Activities in the Matter action menu
  2. UI fixes, including the Matter dashboard label



MARCH 2023

Release: 03/13/2023


  1. Add link in convert trigger date view
  2. Long Description checkbox in view/edit deadline and reports
  3. Filter by appointment type and filter by calendar type added in view/edit deadline and reports
  4. Next Week’s Deadline(default) & Past week’s Deadline in the filter of "view & edit deadline"
  5. No Activity Report under reports
  6. Save deadline report (word and excel format) in date range report
  7. Teams Report navigation fix when clicking on View In Tab

Release: 3/10/2023

Admin Portal: 

  1. Navigation Menu

Changes in Clause Bank

  1. Clause Bank Publish Model
  2. Clause Bank Delete
  3. Delete Template
  4. Template Activate or Deactivate


  1. Delete Contact
  2. Contact Tag
  3. Manage Contact Action Button

Naming Policy

  1. Default Button Color Maintained
  2. Action Button Added
  3. Add naming policy toaster and tooltip style maintained.
  4. Edit naming policy toaster and tooltip style maintained
  5. Delete Naming Policy Button Consistency
  6. Add Naming Policy Modal UI Consistency
  7. Edit Naming Policy Modal UI Consistency

Configure Meeting

  1. Toaster For Delete
  2. Action Button Added
  3. Add Meeting Toaster and style maintained for tooltip
  4. Edit Meeting Toaster and style maintained for tooltip
  5. Delete Meeting Button Consistency
  6. Add Meeting UI Modal maintained
  7. Update Meeting UI Modal maintained.
  8. Import Meeting UI Modal and buttons maintained as import matters.

Contact Tag

  1. Delete Tag Button Consistency
  2. Toaster maintained


  1. Toaster Consistency
  2. Action Button Consistency

Teams Template

  1. Toaster Changed for Teams Template
  2. Delete Button Consistency for team template

Firm Profile

  1. Model Box Changed for Firm Profile.

Login Details

  1. Login Page UI Maintained.


  1. Nav Link Activation for Users and Import Section.
  2. User Edit Form
  3. Check UPN
  4. Rate
  5. Delete
  6. Import User
  7. While Adding Imported User Direct Setting it to user without reloading whole page
  8. Import User Edit Form
  9. Import User Delete Form
  10. Import User Modal
  11. Import User Data table Fixes
  12. Multiple Loader issue fixed



Release: 02/13/2023



  1. Short and long description toggle in deadline chart (New)
  2. "Last Week" deadline filter in the deadline chart (New)
  3. Download report in mac fix (not verified)
  4. Integration of delete cancel events from personal calendar  [Please note this requires authorizing application permission] (New)
  5. Bot notification fix. Now, the user can enable notification by just signout and signing back to bot.


Admin Portal:


  1. Deadline statics report by month for each user in the dashboard (CDU is excluded due to performance)
  2. Notification toggle
  3. UI improvements at multiple screens
  4. New Delete cancel events from personal calendar switch
  5. Backend changes to capture iCal UUID of each calendar event to access personal calendar


  1. Central docketing user being added while creating matter
  2. Delete user option restricted for docketing user
  3. Time restriction under "report scheduler"



Release: 01/25/2023


  1. UI update for report
  2. Added archived report under reports
  3. Added Teams icon for matter with the team in matter list
  4. New integration of bot notification (not available for any firm except 11122 for now)
  5. Clause bank updated in Outlook/Word template

Admin Portal:

  1. Clause bank updates
  2. Teams template upgrade to search and add tab apps
  3. Bot notification UI

Release: 01/11/2023


  1. [New] Add/Edit Appointment UI
  2. Bug Fixes related to deleting trigger date

Admin Portal:

  1. New Audit button in the date range 
  2. Bug Fix while adding user
  3. Bug fix while deleting a user

Release: 01/05/2023


  1. Audit sharing option at the top right of the screen in shared user view.
  2. Show filtered record at the top of the table while viewing or editing deadline
  3. dropdown menu with audit sync to users calendar and resync option
  4. Date range report restricted to 6 months view
  5. Shared user view [total user and shared user count]
  6. Auto add users in shared users view if user either was not part of the group or had been removed. 
  7. Warning sign of case without group in multiple views
  8. Remove Community template from word template
  9. Fixes the bug where the group is not created for matter name having German character
  10. Implementation of Audit resync in report on the basis of Date Range instead of specific user.

Admin Portal:

  1. Hidden Deadline issue
  2. Currency added for user rates
  3. Date range report restricted to 6 months view
  4. Notification setting issue fixed
  5. Activity Notification
    1. Matter Open
    2. User Edit
    3. User Delete
    4. User Import
    5. Share with user/matter access
  6. Loader UI while deleting user
  7. Included Image in RTF editor while adding clause bank templates




  1. Fix for Timesheet
  2. Share Matter Report UI format and backend filter fix
  3. Date Range Report includes new Matter field
  4. Default state while creating matter
  5. Fix for Document URL (we now fetch url directly from Graph and hopefully this will fix for our German customers)
  6. Include phone number detail in Teams Meeting
  7. [New] App Group member-only feature as controlled by Admin Portal
  8. Resync button against each deadline [New] 
  9. Audit Resync in Date Range Report to check the users sync status for deadlines [New] 
  10. Quarterly option  in add appointment recurring [New] 
  11. UI fixes
  12. Clause Bank Template implementation [New]
  13. Fixed Agreement link Create Matter flow


  1. Clause bank including an ability to upload rtf documents of up to 1 MB, including images.
  2. Fixed Copy Template
  3. Member-only setting in Firm settings
  4. UI Fixes
  5. Added State field dropdown in Users
  6. Integration of member only feature in admin portal manage matters
  7. Admin clause bank [Beta]



* Admin Portal Existing features UI fixes (manage matter) 

* Admin Portal Existing feature bug updates (view & edit deadline) 

* Admin Portal Existing features UI fixes (import deadline) 

* Admin Portal UI fixes (unshare, reshare, close matter from checkbox & close, open matter from matter action menu) 

* Admin Portal Matter CSV import fixes 

* Admin Portal  Deadline sync and unsync 

* App feature updates for long descriptions in deadline calendar event

* App UI fixes for reports

* App UI fixes for the index page

* App Deadline Email format updated 

* App Download file had an issue aligning the matter name but should have the same body as the deadline chart.

* Deadline subject on the appointment is bigger

* [New] Appointment filter in Deadline chart

* Insert Template fix in Outlook

* Wording changes to "Authentication token expired! Please log out and log in to the app again.
Follow this article on how to clear the cache." When the token expires and the user sees the triangle as mentioned in this article FAQ - Flashing Triangles? Refresh the app and clear cache

* Outlook entry LawToolBox banding removed from appointment/deadline calendar sync

* Create Team using Template fix while creating channels and Apps

* NetDocs embedded view fix

* Admin Portal Fix related to matter naming policy

* Admin Portal Fix in Teams Template

* Admin Portal Fix in NetDocs view

* Admin Portal Logging for 401 auth error.

* Activate NetDocuments iFrame inside a matter workspace

* App now supports embedding within iFrame and can be embedded in partner platforms. 

* App Matter name supports  - : () {} / characters

* Admin Portal navigation in Dashboard [If SharePoint link is not added in profile]

* Admin Portal performance improved while importing matter. [Can feel slight improvement but can make it better]

* Admin Portal timesheet UI Changes

* Admin Portal activity Filter data work

* Admin Portal after insertion of template, refresh matter list



* External events sent to multiple people

* Matter reports can be sent to matter members

* Reoccurring events are back


* Outlook authentication method upgraded to latest Microsoft recommendation
* Code base upgraded so it’s easier to deploy bug fixes and new features across admin.lawtoolbox.com and all applications in our Outlook add-in, Microsoft Teams app, and app.lawtoolbox.com
* corrected logic where on matter dashboard ALL DAY events were called appointments, and appointments were called ALL DAY events and time-bound info was not displayed (ID:33)
* modified “add links” to deadline chart so that it does not require “http” or “https” sp that clients can save links to iManage files with a deadline
* performance optimization

*Deployed front end app with Upload Attachment fix (LTB365 in outlook was not seeing attachments to emails to upload directly to SharePoint site) 



*Fix for data gov where group naming would revert to the default prefix even where another option from the admin table was selected
*fix for audit sharing where when a user on a matter was shared to LawToolBox but not O365 group on action menu and in admin portal (and when un-sharing and then re-sharing to a matter)
*new feature where end-users can navigate to or search SharePoint to locate folders or files to attach to an all-day or time bound calendar event 

* New feature Add Links from SharePoint in the deadline chart 

* Fixed -  Folder Template Issue- for some users folders not getting created 

* Fixed issue with NetDocuments – for some users they couldn’t connect their LawToolBox account to their NetDocuments account, or attach NetDocuments files to deadlines even though they got false message it had been attached 

* Outlook authentication method upgraded to the latest Microsoft recommendation
* Codebase upgraded so it’s easier to deploy bug fixes and new features across admin.lawtoolbox.com and all applications in our Outlook add-in, Microsoft Teams app, and app.lawtoolbox.com
* Corrected logic where on the matter dashboard ALL DAY events were called appointments, and appointments were called ALL DAY events and timebound info was not displayed (ID:33)
* Modified “add links” to deadline chart so that it does not require “http” or “https” so that clients can save links to iManage files with a deadline (ID:17)
* Fixed issue where hard returns in contact notes prevented created or editing
* Performance optimization


MAY 2022
* upgrade LTB365 matter dashboard to include list of who case is shared to, DMS/SharePoint tile, future appointments tile, all future deadlines tile, matter analytics tile, timeline-by-month tile, timeline-by-trigger tile


MARCH 2022
* Added the ability to detach NetDocuments reference from an existing LTB365 matter (so the end-user can attach it to another LTB365 matter)


* Implement basic NetDocuments flow
* Added switch in admin portal to activate settings in app UI
Createed ability to connect LTB365 matter to NetDocuments workspace and store the reference
* Added NetDocuments item in LTB365 action menu which when clicked on takes the user to the NetDocuments workspace for that matter
* Added the ability to send link from NetDocuments to LTB365 using the ND “send to application” feature
* Created the ability to store link to NetDocuments file in LTB365 links



*LawToolBox Removing User Changes

    - When deleting users from the LawToolBox admin center, A new popup will appearing showing all of the matters that the user is currently shared to.

    - The new prompt will direct you to unshare all matters will the user from the central docketing user. This will help prevent emails being sent out to users who are no longer at the firm.

*LawToolBox Timer

    - You can now track time and billing in LawToolBox

    - To access this you can click Time and Billing in the action menu to start a time and tract the amount of time spent on each case with different entries. You can also change the currency rant for USD to CAD.

    - The timer can be ran to track time or entered as a manual entry.

    - Can be mapped in the ABA practice area, added tasks and activity codes

    - Accessible through the admin portal as well where you can keep track of all time entries for the firm and also filter and run reports by date range

    - You can also export the report to receive excel format and import to your own billing system.
*Customize Deadline Template in O365

    - You now can now create custom deadline templates in LawToolBox 365 to no longer populate any deadlines for new matters that do not need these deadlines.

   - To do this follow the these steps:

    - Create a new matter names Template - Name of rule set you would like to change.

    - Generate and deadlines that you would like to change.

    - Navigate to the LawToolBox admin portal and click on hidden deadlines.

    - From here select the deadline template that you just created and it will list all deadlines in the template.

    - Any deadlines that you hide here will now no longer appear when you select the same rules set and triggers on any new matters that you create.

- implemented ability to add a case type (rulesetID 611) on import so that when end-user accesses matter for first time they can select the applicable ruleset for the matter
- upgraded matter import template to include list of emails - then when end-user accesses matter for the first time a roup is created and ltb365 auto shares the matter to that list of users



*RTF File format support for upload to LawToolBox

*Add internal Client Tag (e.g. #MgmtReview) for filtered reporting

 1. Rule-set admins  can also use tags on each deadline in LawToolBox to mark the deadline and run different reports based on the tags rule-set admins  select.

    a. Rule-set admins  can also view these tags once they have been added on each calendar invite.

2. To add a tag to a deadline, Open rule-set admins r deadline chart and the select the deadlines that rule-set admins  would like to tag.

3. Select the 3 dots next to the deadline rule-set admins  would like to tag and then select the tag option.

4. Here rule-set admins  will have all of the different tags that rule-set admins  can add to each deadline.



*Changes to LawToolBox reporting

*LawToolBox has updated it reporting feature to include new fields such as the matter email address and a list all members that are assigned to new matters. 

*Reports can also now be ran from the LawToolBox admin portal by clicking on Reports and choosing the specific reports that you would like to run.


JULY 2021

*Reports have now been updated in both the LawToolBox Application and on our Admin portal. All reports now feature columns such as Group Email address, Attendees, and Deadline Type. 

*The Admin Portal has now been updated to fix minor bugs. Issues that were address was Reports > Download will now correctly bring you to page that will allow you to run a User Report and Matter Report. 

*Contact > Manage contacts text has been changed from Manage Contact to Manage Contacts


JUNE 2021

 *Our team has made available a new feature under “Add Deadline or Appointment” You will see two options 1. Save & Add More / 2. Save This allows you to 1. add multiple deadlines at once, or 2. one deadline and go back to your deadline chart. Save & Add More, this will sync your deadline and allow you to add a new one without leaving the screen. Then you can instantly create a new appointment

* You are now able to add a Teams meeting for any LawToolBox Deadline. The toggle option should now display next to any deadline that you are creating.

*+ Calculate / + Deadline feature that allows you to calculate deadlines based on the number of days / months / years.


APRIL 2021

*Repeatable deadlines/appointments when adding a miscellaneous event in LawToolBox you can pick an end date and set the value for court days, calendar days, months for repeating events.

*Warning sign for Matters with No Group – key for support and matter issues, like error messages “oops”, unable to sync or remove deadlines, etc.

*Bulk Delete option is live in the app.lawtoolbox.com (has been live in the ad-in) – this feature allows you to delete multiple entries at a time

*Date range report can now be filtered by trigger dates, deadlinesappointments, and meetings in the search.




*A New + / - feature has been added when calculating deadlines. Matter Name > Add Deadline or Appointment > Enter start date > select +/- > create related appointment > enter plus value > type: calendar days, court days, month or year > create Add any identifiable notes to the description (e.g. Judge Smith granted 7 day extension) to see why those calculations were implemented for your reports




*New single-page create or edit appointment: This improved UI will facilitate streamlined data entry. Other features include a “find time” feature so that you can quickly find available time on your teammates calendars for meetings, replacing the previous flow where user would input start time and duration with a start and end time UI, moving the feature to add URLs to a popup up, expanding the location field to 320 characters so that users can paste long zoom or webex URLs into that field.

  *Copy Template: when a user searches for a template to use to populate a new matter with the organizations files and folders we ONLY present templates to which they are a member with access (this avoids awkward flow where we would say “you don’t have permission to copy this template”). Also, if no sub-folders exist in the new matter we automatically create a “General” folder.


 *Optimized sync flow: To avoid “bounce-back” emails when editing deadlines in matters that had been shared to users that had left the firm, we had been performing 4 queries to Microsoft Graph API for each event, which mean that when editing a trial date that has 70 deadlines running off it we would make 280 calls to graph API. We have optimized this flow to provide for a better UI/UX by send queries in batches so that for the same query instead of making 280 calls were making 8 API calls. This will create a better and more reliable user experience going forward. In fact, we have measured that this improves sync speed by 10x!

*Better flow to manage departed users and bounce-backs: We modified the calendar flow so that when a user email is deleted we no longer rely on successful calls to avoid bounce-backs on matters that had been shared to that user (firm may still have to create an alias account to avoid bounce-backs the first time an event is cancelled after user is removed as an attendee on the calendar event).

*Display actual date on trigger date list for a matter if user has entered value: When a user enters a trigger date like 12/7/2019 “commencement date” in our app, when the user goes back to calculate more deadlines they will see that the description is now GREEN and reads “Commencement Date [12/7/2019]”. This will make it easier for user docketing deadlines to identify deadlines they haven’t yet calculated. Edit repeat calculation description: while editing the date for a repeat calculator (like a “motion for SJ”) we have added an “edit” link so that the description can be re-worded (like a “motion for SJ per order 12/7/2019”). A “history” record will be created recording who changed the description, and when they did it).

*Conformed language on calendar events created by external calendar service with language on calendar events created by internal sync which uses Graph API so that same outlook rules can be used for both (also added the word “INTERNAL” or “EXTERNAL” to calendar event footer so that users can see which sync product created event).

*Internal and External Calendar entries: A small change has been made to the footer of each calendar entry identifying whether the calendar entry was created from “Internal” or “External” calendar sync products.

*New matters auto shared to docketing user: If a an email account has been designated as a “docketing user” by LawToolBox (your account representative has to do this for you) then all NEW matters that are set up will be auto-shred to this user. Also, once a matter is shared to a docketing user it CANNOT be UNSHARED.

*When setting up new matter it will reflect who matter is auto shared to without user having to manually refresh page.

*Audit Sharing: A new feature has been added for quick analysis of any sync issues where users can quickly see who is shared on a matter and who is a member of the Microsoft group. If a user says an even did not make it to their calendar the first step of debugging the issue is to check matter sharing.

*When you add a calendar event one-at-a-time from the deadline chart, the event immediately turns green to reflect the it has been added to calendar (and you cannot add multiple instances of this event).

*Added “Sync” filter on deadline chart: After you apply the first filter (future deadlines, all deadlines, past deadlines) you can further filter the deadline chart by viewing only those items that have synced, items that have not synced, or all items synced and not synced. This view filter is not currently reflected when deadline chart is edited.

 *Releasing first version of Firm and Matter Contacts; includes all fields from Outlook contact plus additional fields for social media links; allows for complete tag management at firm and matter level including ability to edit or delete tags across entire organization; included ability for any user to add notes to firm or matter contact which persist even when user removed from organization; when firm contact removed it persists in matters.

#Updated support tools to permit LawToolBox to share hidden defaults to any firm; updated rule-set building tools to share rule-set to all 50 states with single click; updated support tools so LawToolBox or rule-set builder can share private rule-sets to any firm with a single click.

*When you open your LawToolBox Add-in in Outlook, you will see a new “pin” in the upper right-hand corner of our add-in. This is a brand-new feature that we are one of the first companies to incorporate that allows users to pin open the LawToolBox add-in then navigate between emails without having to close and re-open the add-in saving you oodles of time!

*admin switches for document folders, shared inbox, OneNote, calendar, and custom path for doc folders to modern team site

*tab > updated waffle menu, added people icon to retrieve relevant users, added firm contacts to create central location for firm contacts, added ability to attach firm contact(s) to any matter, upgraded report filter to be able retrieve large amounts of data over many years

*companion phone and tablet app available at https://app.lawtoolbox.com

 *pending: incorporate isprivate and canaccessadminportal switches into bot, optimize edit deadline function to speed up processing




*When users added midstream to an existing matter that already has deadlines, those deadlines will now be added automatically to that user’s outlook calendar (they no longer have to look for an email from Microsoft alerting them to deadlines in an existing matter and manually accept those deadlines)

*When user tries to access a matter to which they are not a member or owner in Groups – a popup message will alert them that they do not have access and it will give them a link to request access that will auto send an email to existing group members

*When a user tries to set up a matter using a name that already exists for that firm a message will block use of that name

*Emergency upgrade when Microsoft changed the logic on how deadlines can be added to group members calendars (Microsoft used to add group as attendee as default now that must be explicitly added)


*When user emails themselves the date range report it now reflects any filters, they have applied

*Added a function to download a csv version of the date range report so users can open and manipulate in excel

*Case sharing report has been added so users can see a comprehensive list of who is on which case

*Added function where case sharing report can be filtered, emailed to the viewing user, and downloaded in csv format.

*On matter deadline chart allday miscellaneous events have been renamed from “appointment” to “deadline”

*When users are added or removed from a matter an email is auto sent to the LTB firm admin email (but not to the user who was added or removed)

*Code added to catch non alpha-numeric values submitted to repeat calculator *implemented dialogue api for authentication to avoid popup windows




*Administrators can now configure LawToolBox365 to (i) create an Office 365 Group as each matter is created on LawToolBox (default configuration), (ii) they can allow LawToolBox to attach to an existing, internally created Office 365 Group or SharePoint site (new), or (iii) create a matter without connecting deadlines to an Office 365 Group.


* In addition to automating deadlines based on court rule-sets, users can now track deadlines for the rest of their matters using “generic” rule-set (e.g. for transactional or other matters where deadlines are not predictable) enabled using the following two new features

*Add/edit/remove miscellaneous deadlines for a particular matter (defaults to all day event, with option schedule deadline for a specific time of day)

*Add/edit/remove miscellaneous appointments for a particular matter (includes location, start time, duration and ability to attach up to two link to pdf or file)

*Single click to edit/remove trigger date (when a trial date is removed, all deadlines that run off of trial will update or be removed).

*When removing/editing a trigger date, any edited/customized deadlines running off that date will be displayed so that user can selectively evaluate which deadlines to add to group calendar

*Admin only: ability to access/review history of changes of who add/edited or removed access

*Users have previously been able to selectively add only the deadlines they need, but now they can now selectively remove deadlines from user calendars while preserving deadlines in add-in reports, or they can remove deadlines from both the group calendar and the add-in reports

*Auto Remove upcoming deadlines for all users when a matter is closed

Known issues – when users removed from firm it can create bounce-backs if flow is managed. Users with UPN different from email need to be configured by LTB support.

*Added switches in admin portal to control whether admin.lawtoolbox.com users can access reports to download deadlines, and whether a firm can access app.lawtoolbox.com (switch not yet built into admin.lawtoolbox.com).


Added switches at firm level to control the display of the document folder, shared inbox, onenote, and sharepoint calendar. User also has ability to turn on switch to set custom target for the document folder link (to set app to open a modern team site instead of the default SharePoint online folder).  Added switches at user level to control the display of the create matter buttons, add misc appointment button, close matter button, edit deadline button, delete deadline button, save email button, calculate deadline button, and share deadlines externally button. Added feature so admin can turn email reminders on and off for a user. Added analytics to firm profile (e.g., total active matters, matters created and closed in last 6 months, matters by rule-set, matters by state, number of matters shared to each user). Added ability to download an active matter report, and an active user report.


*Docketing – Deadline Management changes that include the following, Rules-based calendaring/off-the-shelf, Rules-based Calendaring / build-your-own, Concise descriptions, Consistent case mgmt/scheduling order descriptions, Edit deadlines to reflect orders, Add miscellaneous deadlines and events, Roll off weekends & Court Holidays, Reflects method of service, Hide one or many deadlines, Links to authorities to analyze deadlines complex deadlines, Audit trail of who edited what and when, Manage deadlines from inside Outlook as emails arrive, Manage deadlines on almost any device including iPads, Macs & PCs (include Outlook on a Mac) 

*Docketing – Calendar Sync that includes the following, Sync deadlines natively to Group calendar for each matter, and to individual user calendars to whom the matter is shared. Works with any case mgmt software that 2-way syncs with Outlook, Direct sync with most cloud-based case management. Direct sync with many premise-based case management. Add, update and remove appearances and appointments. Share and update deadlines externally (no software req’d) to external team members who use Outlook (any version), iCal, Google, or Lotus Notes

*Office 365 Groups Integration changes. Auto provisions a SharePoint site & calendar, OneNote, shared Inbox for each matter. Single-click to manage notes in OneNote for each matter. Single-click to save emails & attachments to the matter folder. Single-click to view each matter calendar in SharePoint. Single-click to open doc folders for any matter in SharePoint. Each matter has its own email address and shared inbox. Create a Microsoft Team to manage any matter using the existing group for enhanced collaboration, persistent chat by channel and topic, customizable workspace